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Stay out of my shower

Feb 10, 1986 | 4 messages

I'm almost afraid to ask. Why do we need motion sensors in the showers?

Good question.

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On being a jerk to the janitor

Mar 11, 1985 | 2 messages

For those of you who, like myself, leave your wallet and/or purse in your desk, BEWARE!!!

Howard Slade accuses the janitor of stealing money, then gets mocked.

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On claiming that video games cause violence

Mar 09, 1984 | 1 message

In 1943, my mother grabbed a Chinese checkers board with both hands, threw the marbles all over the kitchen and crashed it over my father's head, claiming, "I will not play with thieves!"

Interesting and funny commentary from an engineer at Atari on the claim that videogames cause violence.

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Paging Seymour Butz!

Nov 27, 1985 | 4 messages

... we also had a tacit agreement of "one paging joke per person per week".

Public paging is really useful in 1985 except when people abuse it.

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On Atari's future

Mar 23, 1984 | 6 messages

Entertainment is not a fad, but repetition does not make for good entertainment.

Thoughts -- ranging from bitter to constructive -- on layoffs at Atari in 1984.

Two executives, Skip Paul and John Farrand, are added as mail users mid-discussion. Their addition is well-intentioned, but I wonder if this thread would have been longer if that did not happen.

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On virtual sex

May 04, 1992 | 3 messages

We might even have to form a new department: Atari Stimulation Products

Warning: this thread ends in bad taste.

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A funny story?

Dec 21, 1983 | 1 message

Needless to say, I went at a rather rapid rate up the side of the building.
I hope this didn't actually happen to anyone.
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On flickering lights in the women's restroom

Feb 12, 1986 | 2 messages


There seem to be lots of issues with the bathrooms.

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On the Challenger shuttle explosion

Jan 28, 1986 | 5 messages

... to see a national tragedy right in front of your eyes is one thing, but to see people vaporized as part of that national tragedy is another ...

1. Thoughtful messages about the Challenger shuttle disaster.

2. Proof, yet again, that it is all too easy to misread one's intent in written communication.

3. A civil reconciliation.

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Commiserating over impending layoffs

Aug 02, 1984 | 3 messages

Does "all employees" mean all people who got the message or does it mean all the people who are still employees at 2 p.m. tomorrow?

Let's get drunk before we know who goes.