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Paging Seymour Butz!

... we also had a tacit agreement of "one paging joke per person per week".

Public paging is really useful in 1985 except when people abuse it.

P___ing in the soup

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	This is addressed to the person or persons who find it
really amusing to dial up the paging port and blast us all out
with "music" (or should I say Musak) or "Speech chip test?".

	The ability to use dial up paging is very valuable to
some of us, and very likely to be eliminated if much more of this
B.S. goes on. Perhaps you never work late and need to find a co-
worker, perhaps you are always in your office when anyone needs to
find you. Many of us do depend on paging and found it a real hassle
to live without it, as we will be again.

	When we first had this option, many years ago, we also had
a tacit agreement of "one paging joke per person per week". As I
remember it, this worked out pretty well, especially since the jokes
were verbal (hence identifiable) and really poor quality jokesters
got straightend out by peer pressure. Of course, since you have opted
for anonymous aural grafitti, we don't know who you are (yet) and must
fume in silence (so far).

	In short: fun is fun, but have a little class and please don't
screw it up for the rest of us.

P_ssing in the Wind - it comes back at you...

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I heartily concur with Mike's message on the abuse of the pager -

_iss___ in the soup

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	This is to lend weight to Mike's soapbox with some factual
information.  The phone system has been under construction for the
last two months, with various details being nailed down along the way.
Paging should have been nailed down well over two months ago, but there
was a political debate on the merits and demerits of public access
to paging.  It is still underway, which is why the paging access numbers
have not been published (officially).  Obviously, there is a leak.

	It is occasions when a select few demonstrate their lack of
restraint that will (I GUARANTEE) blow it for everyone.  It is also
conceivable that access to the page will be granted/denied on an
individual basis, and that abuse will only harm oneself.  To some
of us (myself included) public access to the page is a valuable
asset.  If you disagree, do so in person, without using the page to
contact me.

	I've never heard Jed say it, but "Thank you or else".


pisser replies

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Did I miss a general outbrake of page-abuse?? or are the three previous
letters all resulting from one (ONE!) page of questionable (ok, bad) taste????
 And that one on a Friday!! (the traditional day for the once-a-week for
those who chose to abuse the system).  AND on the first week with a new
toy <<<
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Nov 27, 1985