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A Computer Bulletin Board for Disarmament

Nov 22, 1983 | 1 message

Another item for your ever-growing directory of nukewar mail: The Stanford Arms Control and Disarmament Forum announces the establishment...
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Dec 12, 1983 | 1 message

While we're on the subject, I might mention that Ronald Wilson Reagan anagrams into Insane Anglo Warlord. A public service message. Earl
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Mar 09, 1984 | 1 message

IF IT'S FUN, THEN IT'S BAD FOR YOU I wondered when someone would get around to blaming video games for inciting violence in children. So...
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Jeff Boscole...there is hope

Mar 12, 1984 | 4 messages

For those of you who knew Jeff Boscole, you knew what a nut that guy could be in his letter writting. For those of you on his "mailing list...
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Mar 27, 1984 | 1 message

jeff boscole lives!!!! long may vacillating versimilitudes of veracity persist??!! SUNDAY night i watched a 60 minutes article on a...
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book review

Nov 22, 1984 | 1 message

Merry Thanksgiving, native American day of mourning. This is a review of a book called The Evolution of Cooperation, by Robert Axelrod, a...

Business Ethics

Jun 03, 1985 | 1 message

I was thinking, while I drove to work this morning, about starting a "special-interest group" on ethics. As if to settle my internal debate...
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Ronny made me do it.

Jun 13, 1985 | 1 message

YECCH. 1) Yesterday the congress voted to send 24 million in aid to the Contras. ... this is the policy of a free democratic nation...
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The Final Frontier

Jan 28, 1986 | 5 messages

I don't know about you, but I'm usually pretty cynical about tragedies. I'm a little surprised to find this space shuttle thing triggering...
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