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Dec 10, 1990 | 1 message

There is a conference and exhibit in San Francisco that is devoted exclusively to VIRTUAL REALITY, the theory, practice, and promise. It is...
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ACM Meeting: Virtual Reality

May 24, 1991 | 1 message

There will be a meeting of the Bay Area ACM/SIGGRAPH in the auditorium of XEROX PARC on Tuesday, May 28, at 8:00 pm. The topic of this...
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TV program on virtual reality

Sep 13, 1991 | 1 message

Last night I was watching PrimeTime Live, and they announced next Thursday's program. One of the stories they'll be covering then is...
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Virtual Reality

Sep 17, 1991 | 3 messages

There is a three day Virtual Reality conference in San Francisco from September 23 to 25. I will not attend the Monday session. If anyone...
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USENET Video game review in London

Nov 01, 1991 | 3 messages

This review came over the USENET The main subject is Virtuality vs. Battletech, but there is also an interecting paragraph about a...
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To Virtual Reality Enthusiasts

Dec 12, 1991 | 1 message

Kris Moser says that a sit-down virtual reality machine will be open to the public this weekend at Stonestown Mall in San Francisco. The...
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Virtual Reality

May 04, 1992 | 3 messages

Virtual Reality is the hip craze. You can drive a car, play tennis, and yes, you can even fly a Pterodactyl. Who cares!!! Let's get to...
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Virtual Reality on the range

Jun 01, 1992 | 1 message

In saturday's Merc: Four Point Entertainment, the company that produces the syndicated TV hit "American Gladiators," plans to launch "...
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