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On how to use Atari's mail distribution lists

Mar 08, 1984 | 1 message

In case you've been wondering how the SYS$MAIL lists work because you never knew or you just plain forgot, here is an updated description.

A helpful note on understanding how to use mail distribution lists. If you're confused when reading mail headers (e.g. "What is KIM::?"), read this.

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On the Japanese

Mar 04, 1986 | 1 message

Now, the Japanese are a traditional people and have a lot of ritual in their business affairs.

Atari's owner and president visits the office in Milpitas.

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On the Gulf War

Jan 14, 1991 | 1 message

The Arabs may or may not remember that Hussein attacked Kuwait but they will most certainly remember the Arabs killed when the allied forces attack.

3 days before the beginning of Operation Desert Storm, an Atari employee appeals for peace.

On helping colleagues' parents leave Iran

Jul 03, 1985 | 1 message


Okay I get that you're trying to help them but let's keep it on topic, yeah?

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On sinking ships

Aug 09, 1984 | 5 messages

What's the difference between Atari and the Titanic?

Morale at Atari is at an all-time low in late 1984.

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The new company president says hi over email

May 03, 1985 | 1 message


Hide Nakajima, the author of this message, became president of Atari Games in 1985.

Is this an official drug policy, parable, or both?

Jul 09, 1987 | 3 messages

The VP looked alternately at the ceiling and the floor, and then furtively across the crowded room as he addressed the assembly, "I need to talk to you today about drug usage."

Atari employees, early ones in particular, openly despise policy. It is a theme that cuts across multiple threads in the archive.

In this message, Lyle Rains conveys to employees that they shouldn't do drugs whether or not they are on the premises.

Yet, writing this as a parable from the perspective of a young engineer conveys more: 'Do you really want me call an all-hands to do this? Is this what you want working at Atari to be like?'

On the passing of George Opperman

Nov 27, 1985 | 2 messages

Few people have given as much of their life to a company as George gave to Atari

George Opperman designed the Atari logo and is behind the art on Atari's arcade cabinets.

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On how layoffs are executed

Aug 13, 1984 | 1 message

I just want to know if stuff like this only happens when the planets line up and the tooth fairy gets a fortune cookie that reads "you will meet someone as gay as you are"

Post-1984-layoffs, an employee openly wonders why the layoff occurred the way it did.

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On royalties and credits for game designers

Jan 30, 1984 | 19 messages

Imagine Speven [sic] Spielberg directing a film, but not getting credit. How would he feel? Are we cogs in a machine? I am not a number !!! This isn't 1984!! (well OK, maybe it is).

This is a 19-message long thread between disgruntled engineers and management regarding their policies around compensation and credits when coin-operated Atari games were converted to console games.