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On virtual sex

We might even have to form a new department: Atari Stimulation Products

Warning: this thread ends in bad taste.

Virtual Reality

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	Virtual Reality is the hip craze. You can drive a car, play 
tennis, and yes, you can even fly a Pterodactyl.  Who cares!!!
	Let's get to the core of the real uses of virtual reality. Let
Sega and Namco toil away at those simple fantasy games. What we need is:


	Sexual Paranoia is at an all time high.....AIDS, unwanted pregnancy,
monogamy, abortion, herpes...the list goes on.

	Virtual Sex is the ultimate safe sex. Let's not wait for everyone 
to beat us to the punch. Just think, nobody gets hurt, everybody is happy
and we make a lot of money!!!!!

P.S. I think we still have a charge number for the Orgasmatron project.

addendum to the previous

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We might even have to form a new department:

		Atari Stimulation Products

Virtual Sex (warning sexually explicit & possibly offensive)

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I'll take your suggestion seriously (whether you meant it that way or not).
A few months ago BAYCHI (the local chapter of the Computer Human Interface
interest group) did a meeting/lecture on electronic erotica and I brought
up the following point. Consider, what is the major objection to say child
pornograpy (before you say it, there is absolutely NO proof of a link
between pornography and sex crimes), it is the abuse and corruption of
minors (a point with which I agree.) But what happens when that factor is
removed? when you allow someone to participate in any fantasy they can conceive
in the privacy of their own homes, without involving anyone else. Is it
still a crime? wrong? immoral? Do you really believe that it isn't being 
worked on already? 

Inquiring minds want to know.....
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May 04, 1992