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Virtual Reality

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	There is a three day Virtual Reality conference in San Francisco from 
September 23 to 25.  I will not attend the Monday session.  If anyone is 
interested in attending that day please stop by my office/lab or call me at 

Virtual Reality

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	Is anyone out there interested in Virtual Reality?  If so, there is
a conference in San Francisco next Monday and Wednesday.  I will not be able 
to attend the complete conference, so please let me know if you are interested
in taking my place.  You can respond via VAX mail or by calling x1732.

Virtual Reality Conference,

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We have purchased (3) tickets to a conference on Virtual Reality in
SanFrancisco, Mon, Tues, Weds.  Most of the slot are taken, but (2)
slots are open Monday, And Maybe a slot on Tuesday is open as well.
Logg, Rotberg and Hubberstey hold the admission tickets. Contact them
directly if interested.
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Sep 17, 1991