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A neat trick with mail

Jan 09, 1984 | 1 message

For all of you who use the MAIL program as a form of the "paperless office", I have discovered a bug (pronounced "fea-ture") in same. It...
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What the #@%^ is SYS$MAIL?

Mar 08, 1984 | 1 message

In case you've been wondering how the SYS$MAIL lists work because you never knew or you just plain forgot, here is an updated description....
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Editing before you send mail.

Mar 26, 1984 | 1 message

Just got a piece of mail with ' [O ' in it. This normaly happens when you are sending mail and make an error, and then try to correct it...
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The Right To Junk Out!!!

Apr 05, 1984 | 1 message

There have been a number of complaints by a number of persons in various ranks about a number of other person's contributions (or the...

New Marketing Mail list

May 22, 1985 | 1 message

Now you can send junk mail (or serious mail, too) to the marketing staff (Fujihara,Benzler, and Traeger) with one easy filename! To do this...
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Are you wondering if your MAIL messages are getting read?

Feb 07, 1986 | 1 message

A while ago I had asked Dave Shepperd about having a MAIL program capa- bility of knowing whether a recipient has read an important message...
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Non-junk mail

Apr 17, 1986 | 1 message

I'd just like to recap some MAIL protocol. @SYS$MAIL:JUNK is for messages that are not super important to anyone. Any vax user who doesn't...
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A list of MAIL lists

Apr 24, 1986 | 1 message

Several new mail lists have been added to the systems in the past few months (years?) that probably most people have forgotten or never knew...
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