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A list of MAIL lists

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Several new mail lists have been added to the systems in the past few
months (years?) that probably most people have forgotten or never knew.
So, for the benefit of all those who did forget, those who never knew,
and all the new users here's a list of the mail lists available:

List		Who's on it
------		--------------
JUNK 		almost everybody
ENGINEER	All of engineering
UNIX		a few Unix buffs
SYSTEM		The system people
MOORETEAM	Rich Moore's team
ANIMATORS	All the animators
RAINSGANG	Lyle Rains's team
VANGANG		Dan VanEldren's team
ALPHATEAM	Chris Downends's team
COMPONENT	Components engineering
STAFF		The big cheeses
TEAMTACO	Pete Takahichi's group
SURVIVORS	The Atari softball team
SVUSERS		System V users
MFG		Manufacturing and Customer Service
PURCH		Purchasing
CUSTSVC		Customer service
FINANCE		Finance and Accounting

Use @SYS$MAIL:list in reply to MAIL's "To:" prompt to send a message to the
people on the list. (@SYS$MAIL:JUNK for example). If you're on a list and you
don't want to be, send mail to KIM::COMPLAINT and your name will be removed.

If you want to know who is on a specific list, type: 


where "list" is the mail list you're intrested in. This might take a minute or
two to complete. (I.E. @UTL$COM:WHOSONIT ENGINEER to find out who's on the
ENGINEER list). The contents of any list are subject to change without notice.
Ignore the underscore in the names (I.e. KIM::_SHEPPERD = KIM::SHEPPERD). 

If you want to keep the report, you can type:

	@UTL$COM:WHOSONIT list filename

which will place the report into a file named "filename" (default file
type = .LIS) so you can print it out later. For example:


will place the names of the people on the FINANCE mail list into a file named

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Apr 24, 1986