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a collection of messages sent at Atari from 1983 to 1992.

Non-junk mail

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	I'd just like to recap some MAIL protocol. @SYS$MAIL:JUNK is for
messages that are not super important to anyone. Any vax user who doesn't want
to be bothered with softball game or party announcements or the like can simply
have his/her name deleted from the list. THEREFORE... messages that are actually
significant to the operation of the company should NOT be sent to JUNK, but to
the people actually concerned with the message in question. There is a list
EVERYBODY, but it is protected from casual use, as there are VERY few messages
that need to go to literally everybody (e.g. building closing or computers
down). If you think you have such a general-interest message, see me or one of
the other system folk.

	Hope I didn't come off too uptight, but there has been a whole lot of
non-trivial traffic on junk lately and some important messages could be missed.

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Apr 17, 1986