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Atari 800 Software Theft

Dec 16, 1983 | 3 messages

It has been brought to my attention that some stolen Atari computer software may now be residing on one or more of our VAXes. This is...
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The first annual Jeff Boscole Memorial letter

Jan 30, 1984 | 19 messages

This letter is dedicated to Jeff Boscole, someone who wasn't afraid of sounding obscure, to speak his mind, to be strange, to be brilliant...

The Right To Junk Out!!!

Apr 05, 1984 | 1 message

There have been a number of complaints by a number of persons in various ranks about a number of other person's contributions (or the...

Company Name

Nov 16, 1984 | 1 message

Per Karen Witte: 1. Copyrights will be registered in the name of Atari Games, Inc. The notice line on our game screens and in...
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