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Sound Chips

Jan 19, 1984 | 7 messages

By popular demand, here is a list of sound chips which are or will be available for use in coin-op games: 1. Pokey and Quad-Pokey Price...
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AMY 1 sound processor pricing.

Mar 07, 1984 | 1 message

The following is a memo from George Wang (ASG) and Sam Nicolino (R&D) regarding AMY 1 chip pricing. Excellent ASG chip plan and layout...
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What's an Audio Game, Anyway?

May 01, 1984 | 1 message

This here's the first round of a VAXMAIL brainstorming session on the subject of audio games. Please send any ideas or comments to me and I...
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The Proposed Regulator/Audio III

Oct 05, 1984 | 7 messages

The Proposed Regulator/Audio III Jed Margolin 10/5/84 The least expensive Audio/Regulator board for the Not-Budget Systemi (only) would...

An Audio Commentary

Oct 12, 1984 | 1 message

Most people don't realize how loud arcade environments really are. The ear is a very forgiving organ. On a Saturday night typical arcade '...
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Nov 15, 1984 | 4 messages

People not involved with audio for System I need not read on: Brad, with the aid of Sam, Don, Minh and others too numerous to name have...
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Sound Pong

Mar 27, 1985 | 1 message

PONG - THE AUDIO GAME This is a 1- or 2-player game, which uses the bat ranging circuit for the controllers (designed into ping-pong...
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Jan 03, 1986 | 5 messages

Brad, I need the following Sound Things for the TomCat demo on Jan 15: 1. Howling Banshee (F14 fires the gun). 2. Jet engine with...
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pokey design for new systems

Jan 14, 1986 | 2 messages

For new audio systems in the future PLEASE do not copy previous POKEY designs like SYSTEM I and SYSTEM II WHY? 'cause they are extremely too...
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Audio Stuff

Apr 02, 1986 | 2 messages

Pat, If you are going to design a new Sound Procesor System you might want to consider some of the things I have done on TomCat. 1....
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