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VAX/16032 development board

Aug 06, 1983 | 3 messages

DB16000 DEVELOPMENT BOARD SETUP. After 4 hours of trial and error, and some "Oh, did we forget to tell you .." from NATIONAL, the 16032...
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Using the DIO model 29 gangpak

Sep 06, 1983 | 1 message

The VAX can make the gangpak work now. The gangpak can program up to 65k of data into up to 8 EPROMs. All you have to do is tell the DIO how...
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Dec 30, 1983 | 1 message

Some new solutions to some old problems with the NS16032 development system. 1. The MMU we had installed was BAD. It was not doing proper...
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Sound Chips

Jan 19, 1984 | 7 messages

By popular demand, here is a list of sound chips which are or will be available for use in coin-op games: 1. Pokey and Quad-Pokey Price...
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Math Boxes

Feb 23, 1984 | 6 messages

1. Are there any new projects that use the Star Wars mathbox? 2. Are there any new projects being contemplated that will use the Star Wars...
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AMY 1 sound processor pricing.

Mar 07, 1984 | 1 message

The following is a memo from George Wang (ASG) and Sam Nicolino (R&D) regarding AMY 1 chip pricing. Excellent ASG chip plan and layout...
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Aug 01, 1984 | 1 message

RAM USERS BEWARE!!! The Fujitsu version of the 4416 (16K X 4) DRAM as qualified under Atari part number 137323-001 will not work in a board...
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new boot eprom for applied microsystems emulator

Aug 10, 1984 | 2 messages

To all using the Applied Microsystems Emulator. I have a new boot eprom for it, i haven't found out what it fixes yet but I will do soon....
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The Proposed Regulator/Audio III

Oct 05, 1984 | 7 messages

The Proposed Regulator/Audio III Jed Margolin 10/5/84 The least expensive Audio/Regulator board for the Not-Budget Systemi (only) would...


Nov 15, 1984 | 4 messages

People not involved with audio for System I need not read on: Brad, with the aid of Sam, Don, Minh and others too numerous to name have...
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