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pokey design for new systems

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For new audio systems in the future PLEASE do not copy previous POKEY designs
'cause they are extremely too loud compared to the YAMAHA. The audio group
has to cut the volume for POKEY sound effects drastically to match with 
YAMAHA. Fortunately it's not too much a problem on SYSTEM II because of 
the mixers but on SYSTEM I the volume of the sound effects on POKEY 
operate on the low end of the scale and thus there isn't any range to 
work in.
During the design phase of SYSTEM I we tried to match the volume of the
two chips (YAMAHA and POKEY) with sample files that we had at the time.
Unfortunately we didn't have the extensive files and experience we have
now for YAMAHA.
- bra d-
i mean
- brad -

pokey design for new systems update

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Regarding volume levels for POKEY verses YAMAHA:

	The Gauntlet Audio design has come the closest to balancing
the volume levels on these two chips. But for added measure a MIXER
was employed so we could fine tune the balance. A MIXER comes in mighty
handy because some YAMAHA voices are very soft. Also RPM will automatically
change the volume of the sound chips to an individually pre-determined 
volume level whenever a TI VOICE command is requested. This allows for
more comprehensible speech.

- brad -
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Jan 14, 1986