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Jul 11, 1983 | 1 message

As with any computer program, nothing is immune to enhancements. The 'basic computer' of a week or so ago has become an 'extended basic...
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Automated compilation

Jul 18, 1983 | 1 message

For any programmer who builds game programs in bits and pieces (and for those who would like to but get a bad taste in their mouthes), there...
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Private data backups

Jul 19, 1983 | 1 message

Due to a severe increase in demand, we are forced to state some kind of policy on private archival backup tapes. Effective immediately,...
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Cross talk

Jul 21, 1983 | 1 message

Effective the next time you login, 3 new commands that allow users on Kim to inspect things on Ernie and visa-versa. $ KSHO*W argument1...
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New assembler MAC65C

Jul 26, 1983 | 1 message

MAC65C (available the next time you login or RESTART) is the new assembler for the 65C02 CMOS processor. This processor, in case you've...
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VAX/16032 development board

Aug 06, 1983 | 3 messages

DB16000 DEVELOPMENT BOARD SETUP. After 4 hours of trial and error, and some "Oh, did we forget to tell you .." from NATIONAL, the 16032...
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Using the DIO model 29 gangpak

Sep 06, 1983 | 1 message

The VAX can make the gangpak work now. The gangpak can program up to 65k of data into up to 8 EPROMs. All you have to do is tell the DIO how...
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"DAILY" has been added; lots of new users: try this.

Sep 23, 1983 | 1 message

It has come to my attention (regularly) that ALARM is nice, but what we REALLY need is for the computer to remind us of the things to do...
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New MACXX and Linkm

Sep 23, 1983 | 2 messages

Warning Warning Danger Danger I just released a new version of MAC65,MAC69,MAC11,MACRO and LINKM. These have been tested extensively but as...
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Programming in C ... and then what?

Oct 04, 1983 | 1 message

Hi there, UnixPhiles. Everyone and their brother has been wanting to know how to make their C programs runnable after running them through...
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