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Cross talk

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Effective the next time you login, 3 new commands that allow users on Kim to
inspect things on Ernie and visa-versa.

	$ KSHO*W argument1[,...,argument8]	!show Kim's stuff
	$ ESHO*W argument1[,...,argument8]	!show Ernie's stuff

		where "argument" is any legal argument available
		to the DCL SHOW command. If an argument begins
		with a non-alphanumeric character (/ for example),
		then the argument must be enclosed in double
		quotes (").

The following commands are short hand versions of the SHOW QUE command.

	$ KSQ  [que]		!show Kim's device que(s)
	$ ESQ  [que]		!show Ernie's device que(s)

If the "que" argument is ommited, you'll get a listing of all jobs in all

The following commands are useful for removing jobs from remote print
ques (cuz you decided you didn't want the listing or its spitting out
reams of paper or the printer broke etc.)

	$ KDELE job_number que	!delete entry from remote que
	$ EDELE job_number que	!delete entry from remote que

The "job_number" and the "que" are required paramaters and can be obtained
by doing the "xSQ" command described above. You will be prompted if you
leave them off.
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Jul 21, 1983