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On the Reagan administration

... Oh GOODY.. more state run killings.

Commentary on the Reagan administration a day after Congress voted to send $24MM in aid to the contras in Nicaragua.

Ronny made me do it.

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1)  Yesterday the congress voted to send 24 million in aid to the Contras.
		... this is the policy of a free democratic nation!
2)  The "arms talks" ( I use that term loosely) are dead.dead.dead.
		... the Reagan administration will not discuss space 
		    weapondry. Of course any 4 year old child can see
		    that any Earth Bound arms control is useless without
		    discussion of space weapons.
		... That good old M.X. sure is a great barganing chip!

3)  The Senate (with the Reagan administration's strong push) aproved millions
	  for the research and production of Nerve gas weapons.
		... More maddness.

4)  The D.E.A. wants ( and will get ) 140 more million dollars to fight drugs.
		... There are starving Americans.

5)  Secratary Winberger wants the ALLEGED navy spies shot.
		... Oh GOODY.. more state run killings.	

	Sorry,Sorry,Sorry.. I just had to relay this tabloid of the current
performance of the Reagan administration. I promise to relay good news when
it happens. But don't expect any for at least 3 1/2 years. This administration
is incapable of creative thought. Ronald Reagan is making all the errors that
history would show him (if he looked) to avoid.

... PS:
  Don't say.. " The federal government did such and such to those poor 
  Say.. " The Reagan administration did such and such to those poor 
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Jun 13, 1985