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Building Access Hours

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Inter-Office Memo                                  Atari Games Corporation

To:	All Engineering Employees

From:	Dan Van Elderen & Lyle Rains

Subject:	Building Access Hours               	Date:  May 8, 1985

Due to the significant cost savings of reducing the building access hours to
1272 during evenings and weekends, we are considering limiting "standard"
access hours to Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.  We would propose
having no security guards on evenings and weekends.  The majority of lights
and non-critical air conditioning would also be switched off during these
times.  The projected cost savings of such a change are approximately $95K
on an annual basis.

During "non-standard" access hours, building access would only be via
Schlage card entrance through the front lobby door, if your Schlage card was
appropriately programmed.  We have the capability of programming individual
cards on both a general and specific instance basis to allow this "non-
standard" access.  Depending on the specific area an individual was planning
on working in during non-standard hours, he might be required to throw a
breaker switch to get lights in his specific work area.  All power
receptacles (wall outlets) will be left powered on at all times; also all
major computer systems would continue to be left powered on.

Please respond with any input you may care to make regarding these proposed
changes.  Also please respond with any general and/or specific requirements
you may have for non-standard hours of access.  Please send all responses to
either Carol or Lori by this Friday, as we are considering the
implementation of something similar to the above proposal on Friday, May 17.

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May 09, 1985