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To all the wonderful people at Atari:

	I'd like to say to everyone that I have, on the whole, found
my stay here to be fun.  But more than this, all the people at Atari
are the kind that I can say I've been proud to associate with.

	We have a lot of talent here, still.  Although some real lights
were lost in the last re-organization there is enough here to continue
creating exciting games.

	I regret that as the game market has changed, Atari's most 
innovative concepts have only been seen within company walls.  We have
not been able to successfully market many of the best ideas in entertainment
that I have seen developed here.

	Part of this is due to the arcade and street market conditions.
Some is due to the drag which consumer and home computer had put on Atari's
continued operations.  Much, I fear, has been due to the lack of consensus
and common goals.

	I leave Atari to pursue my goals elsewhere.  Those goals are the
same ones I came here with:  to develop a real-time animation development
system for character animation of a high quality.  Of course, I have
realized that many skills go into any development project and have branched
off into 3-d design like I, Robot and Last Starfighter as a subset of the
problem that I have decided to tackle.

	My vision of the future of Atari is not compatible with those goals,
at least not in the 1 to 2 year near future.  The greatest lesson I have 
learned here is to DO IT NOW , or don't do it at all.  Time after time I 
have prepared for a project and planned all the great things that could be
accomplished, only to have corporate re-structuring eliminate the resources
necessary to acheive success.

	My advice to you is: DO IT NOW!  Whatever dream you have of a better
future for yourself personally, or the Company as a whole, the time is now.

	Yours truly,

					Barry A. Whitebook
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Aug 31, 1984