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An Open Letter To Skip Paul..

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	I know I speak for myself when I say how sorry I am that you will no
longer be working with Coin-Op.  You brought good, positive attitudes to
Coin op.. something I fear we are in BAD need of now. It was nice to see upper
management really get excited about what we do and who we are. I know that you
hate Bally as much as I do and that they hate you too. (that's good.) You showed
how much you believe in Coin-Op's future and you seemed willing to do glorious
battle for it. I hope that the "new" Coin Op can keep your attitudes.

				thank you sir..

						John F. Salwitz.

P.S. ( the control works great.. but there are still plenty of priority bugs..
	maybe you and D.T. can find work together. )
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Sep 06, 1984