atari email archive

a collection of messages sent at Atari from 1983 to 1992.

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Reading these announcements is strangely fascinating.

virtual reality

Folks seem to talk about virtual reality in the 90's the same way we did in 2017.


Some messages just don't make a whole lot of sense.

for sale & wanted

Employees sell/request things from Bay Area homes to concert tickets.

parties and picnics

Celebrations over company anniversaries, goodbyes, "just 'cuz", and more.

culture barriers

These threads illustrate Atari's culture barrier with their Japanese counterparts.


BBSes, or Bulletin Board Systems, were precursors to the web. A blast from the past, these threads refer to BBSes one could dial into.

notable programs

Notable programs that engineers wrote for day-to-day use at Atari, like a 1980's spellchecker.


On benefits, 401k's, vacation policies, work hours, and more...


Everything from complaints about the A/C and smelly kitchens to parking lot and building closures.