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Using the printers.

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	Most of you are already familiar with the following
"rules" which apply to the computer line printers. However,
there are a number of new people in the building who are
obviously not familiar with the so-called 'printer etiquette'
rules. This is obvious from both observation and complaints.
To help solve these new problems, I am re-sending the original
letter  on printer etiquette (edited for television). This applies 
to you if you use any of KIM or ERNIE's printers. The users on 
the 730's should work out something similar with their printers!

I would like to suggest the following "rules" as a possible
way of eliminating these so called problems.
1). When you remove your listing from the back of the printer
    it would be very nice if you would:
	a). leave any listings that are "in front" of yours
	    separated and on the table across from the
	    printer. There are other people doing this for
	    you right now.
	b). If you are leaving listings "behind" yours
	    still attached to the printer be sure that you 
	    leave them stacked correctly in the basket.
	c). Please leave the paper that may still be coming
	    out of the printer like it SHOULD be so that
	    it will continue to fold properly in the basket.

2). Please be sure that you leave the printer ON LINE.
    (It has been found off line a few times!) At the end
    of each listing 3 form feeds occur to 'push' the listing
    to a point where it may be torn off. There should be no
    need to turn the printer off-line! But if you do.....

3). If it runs out of paper, at least notify an operator or
    a systems person so that new paper may be inserted. If 
    it is late at night, you might like to put the paper in 
	a). If you are not aware of how to PROPERLY insert
	    paper into the printer, please see any system's
	    person and they shall give you a quick demo. Its 
	    easy, even a child could do it!!!!!!

4). Please be careful that a small listings belonging to someone
    else is not "attached" to the listing you take from the printer
    room. If you do take one of these listings....please PUT IT BACK
    in the printer room...not in your stack of old listings. This seems
    to be one of the complaints heard most often.

	Please be advised that it is now possible to tell who it may be
that is screwing up the printers. Given the "id" of the listing on either
side of a supposed screw up, it is now possible to tell who it was that 
may have caused a printer problem. "Big Brother" may indeed be watching 
your listing! (you may have your hand slapped with a wet noodle if found

	As you know, operators do not monitor these printers. 
Therefore it is up to us, the users of these printers to help things 
run smoothly for all users. So please try and be more considerate of 
the rest.......
				Thank You,
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May 01, 1984