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Steve Suttles' comments on the street driver...

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From:	GAWD::SUTTLES      "Doctor DCL" 12-SEP-1989 10:40
Subj:	hard drivin' supercompact

	You had a game out in the common area last week that I hope was
the super-economy test model.  For what it's worth, I think the test failed.
Having a shift lever for drive and neutral (as opposed to high and low,
or drive and park or reverse) is pointless.  "Turn key to start" mapping
to a button is confusing.  No brake pedal is a surprise when you enter the
turn, and the only justification for park or reverse in the gearshift.
The loss of feedback in the steering wheel I realize is an economic decision,
but the fact remains that the game suffers greatly.

	I still find myself frustrated by all versions of the game because of
collisions with oncoming traffic that don't seem justified by the windshield
picture preceding it (two cars entirely on their own side of the yellow line
shouldn't hit each other).  I also feel that when you are off-road (like around
a curve or turn) and driving straight and level with no _apparent_ obstacles,
that crashing and burning is a cop-out.  I realise that the game is a smashing
(sorry) success in general, and in particular with certain individuals here
that are even more critical than I with regards to quality and even realism.
Nonetheless, it is this frustration at things that I don't think should happen
(I admit to being in the minority) that makes me walk away during a game.

	The preceding paragraph is really old news to you and your team, but
the first paragraph is really why I sent this message.  If you wanna make a
super-cheap model for marketing reasons, fine...but please, not that one!


ps:  Even though I get frustrated at the game, I keep playing it...and that is
one of the measures of a game's success...
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Sep 13, 1989