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Remote ATari Peripheral Interchange Program (RATPIP)

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	Dave Shepperd and I are working on a file transfer
utility that can up- or download files from the 800 to the
VAX. It will work similarly to the existing MDxx, TTVAX, DNLD,
or whatever it's called this week, which Dave Getreu's group
has been using. Now here's the problem:

	We would like to support text files too, but we aren't
sure what translation of ASCII to ATASCII will be least harmful.
In the absence of input from you folks, we will implement the
ATPIP conversion, with the exception that any files sent up to
the VAX will be type "stream_lf" (unix), because Dave is writing
the VAX end in C and thats what it writes. Other possibilities
include full conversion to ASCII, including stripping D7 (no
inverse video), sending "carriage-return,linefeed", etc. Or do
we just give up?

	Please send suggestions to me via VAXmail.

p.s.	just to forestall the inevitable, yes we have considered
the XMODEM (alias MODEM7, AMODEM, Christensen protocol, etc.), but
the actual first customers for this beast have a PDP-11 running TSX,
and it doesn't like 8-bit "ascii", so nogo.
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Mar 08, 1984