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The Approved Vendors List will be moved from CHARM to ERNIE sometime
between noon and 1PM on Tuesday.

If you have defined a word in your LOGIN.COM file to access the
AVL, you may have to make a modification to it..

Users with accounts on remote nodes (CHARM, or KIM)

Type "SET HOST ERNIE" and login to ERNIE as "READAVL" (no password 
required).  When you exit READAVL, you will be returned to your
default node and directory.
You may copy ERNIE::SYS$USERDISK:[AVL]READAVL.COM to your directory and define
a word in your LOGIN.COM file to execute it.
Example: $AVL :[email protected]

Users with accounts on ERNIE:

Type "@ATARI$AVL:LOGIN" at the VAX system prompt ($), or just add the line
below to your LOGIN.COM file and then type "AVL" after your next login.

                       $ AVL :==@ATARI$AVL:LOGIN

Both of these methods will execute a menu driven program that will allow you
to search the AVL and either save the results in a file in your own directory
(if it's on ERNIE) or forward the results to your remote mailbox.
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Oct 29, 1985