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Printer in Rains's area

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There is another printer hooked up now in the phone closet near Rains's office.
It's known as RAINS$PRINT and if you want it to be the default printer for you
then put the following in your LOGIN.COM file:


The physical name is TXD5:, but I advise against using that name cuz its
probably gonna change (nothing stays the same around here if you hadn't
noticed). This printer is quite a bit slower than the others but it may
still be preferable to walking over to the hot DIO room.

It is imperative that you keep the room tidy. Paper fragments must be kept
outside the room and due to the fragile nature of the telephone hookups,
please be careful when walking around in there. An accident could wipe
out the phones in that area for several days (maybe even weeks) which I
think you'd find very inconvenient.

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Jan 04, 1985