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PPS data crunching

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Hello PPS users,

	There now is a way to bypass the conversion on the PPS and do data
conversion on the VAX instead.  This means that you can take the original
.PIF files that the animators work with, transfer them (without converting
them on the PPS) to the VAX, and run them through a FORTRAN conversion program
or two to get them into a format that the DIO (and your hardware) can

	Currently the following are supported
[FXL]GP.FOR :    16x16 or 8x8 stamps, 4-bits deep. Automatically breaks
		 up larger picture buffers into component stamps.  Takes
		 as input a list of .PIF files, and picture buffer lists,
		 and produces one .INT (intermediate) file ready for

[FXL]GM.FOR :	 takes a .INT file and produces hardware specific .LDA

More info in the comments (yes indeed, there are comments in this code).
Use at your own risk.  Best would be to talk to one of us (Kelly Turner
or Franz Lanzinger) and we'll be happy to estimate the amount of work
you would have to do to code your own GM, or to improve GP to handle
other stamp sizes, optimize stamp use, etc.

	Happy crunching

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Feb 06, 1984