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Some new solutions to some old problems with the NS16032 development 

1. The MMU we had installed was BAD.  It was not doing proper 
translations and protection.  I got a new MMU (rev. 8) from NATIONAL
and it works just fine. So anyone that had the fix in their DBG16.INI 
file can remove it. (R .MMSR_TU 0)

2. The BLX board and the DB16000 have been jumpered properly for 
automatic baud rate selection. So you no longer have to program baud 
rate in Stand Alone mode on power up. 

The power up routine now consists of :

Switch power on.
Press reset (S2).
Type   !  
Type   OMT

Press  or  to log onto the VAX.
Please let me know of any problems.

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Dec 30, 1983