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new boot eprom for applied microsystems emulator

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To all using the Applied Microsystems Emulator.

I have a new boot eprom for it, i haven't found out what it fixes yet but
I will do soon.

If you come to my office, (old old common area, near starfighter lab) I'll
give you a prom to install.

Someone out there also has the piece of paper that tells us where to put the
prom, so if they can get that to me i'll copy it.

		Jim x7118.

applied microsystems 68010 emulators.

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1.  There are still three 68010 emulators out there that have not had one of 
    the proms updated. This new prom fixes the system lock up due to the 
    symbol table being over 320. If you have one of these emulators come and 
    get your free? prom from Jim Morris' office.

2.  I would like to keep a record of where our emulators are so that any other 
    updates to the firmware can be implemented quickly, so please reply with
    the location of your one, (and its serial number) thanks.

				Jim x7118.
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Aug 10, 1984