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Announcing the new utility MIXIT

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At long last, the utility we've all been waiting for: MIXIT. Available the
next time you log in or restart, it allows you to convert image, .ROM, .EXE
or .LDA files into image, .ROM, .EXE, .LDA or .MAC files at the flick of a
keystroke. This program answers the ever increasing demand for "how do I put
my banked switched program into a 27128?" and the old continuing problem of
"how do I get a listing of my .LDA (or .PPS) file for the legal beagles?"

The program reads one or more input files and writes a single output file. You
specify what MIXIT should include from the input file and where to position the
data in the output file. Each input file is processed seperately and inserted
into the output file as it is read in. This results in the data from the input
file being appended to (or overlayed on) the output file, so some amount of
care should be exercised if you plan to be tricky and have sections of data
overlap each other. 

There's four basic commands to MIXIT: HELP, EXIT, OUTPUT, INPUT. The OUTPUT
command specifies the filename of the output file and must appear before any
INPUT commands. Each occurance of an OUTPUT command starts a new output
sequence. The INPUT command specifies the filename of an input file and the
data from each is deposited into the previously defined output file.

Type MIXIT and use the HELP command to get further information.

There's only one error message, and its rather self-explanatory.

	Happy mixing,
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Jan 27, 1984