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A new printer on this side!

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	Are you tired of walking ALL the way down to the other side
of the building to get your listing? Tired of cleaning up the printer
for someone elses HUGE listing? Want to be lazy like me?

	Well, now your in luck.

	Just opened, the new "south" printer room. The new printer is
located in the same room as the Richo copy machine. I know, your saying
I've seen that piece of junk torn apart in that room. Well, not any more.
Now we have a brand new, never been used Printronix 300 line printer.

	How do you use it, you ask?. Its simple.

If you are on KIM, then:

	Add the following line to your file:

                   |||||||||||||--this MUST be uppercase

	Or you may type that at any time. 
	This will the automatically cause all print jobs of yours to 
go to this printer. You must DEASS SYS$PRINT to return to printing at
the other printers.
	OR you could add the line:

	$sou*thprint :== "ass ''f$log("SOUTH$PRINT")' sys$print"
so that typing SOUTH will cause listings to be qued in the south printer.
Caution: Make sure the line is types EXACTLY as shown. SOUTH$PRINT must be
upper case and don't leave any ' or " out!On
If you are on ERNIE or BEEZ:

	Simply type:    $PRSOUTH filename.
(PRS filename is all you really need, the rest is for people who like to type)

	NOTE: Remote printing will ONLY print a file. It will NOT act like
a normal print que for other programs such as MAIL or MUSE. However, there is
still a way to get your listing in these cases.
	This means that your job or jobs should NOT que a listing for printing,
but simply keep it in a file. Then use the PRS command to print it.
(After you get your listing, you may wish to delete the print file to save
on disk space)

MUSE users, simply give a name to MUSE when it asks for what printer. If
MUSE cant find a printer with that name, it simply creates a file which
has that name, and adds the extension .LIS. When you exit MUSE, type PRS 
followed by the name of you gave MUSE.
MAIL users should simply FILE the desired messages for printing to a mail file
then PRS the mail file. Note, however, that you MUST change the protection
on the newely created mail file to world read or KIM won't be able to copy 
the file. See me for more details if interested in doing this!
	As with the other printers, your are still responsible for keeping
this room neat and clean, stacking listings, and refilling the printer if
empty. If you don't know how to refill the printer, Dave Shepperd, Steve
Suttles or I will be gald to show you how.  At this time, no paper is being 
stored at this location, but that should be changed in the near future. 
For the time being, you must go to the old printer room and snag a box 
for yourself. Since there will only be a few of us using this printer,
and I'm only telling the people at this end of the building, the job
should be a simple one and I doubt if the printer will need to be fed 
paper very often.

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Jun 21, 1984