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The second installment of 3D algorithms is now in
SYS$SYSDEVICE:[GENERAL]math3D2.doc . It covers
the use of Magic Tics and the generation of Terrain 
Objects, the Horizon, and Runway Lights.

The figures referred to in the Horizon section are not 
available yet. If you want a copy let me know.

Please direct any comments on this material to me.



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1) thanks for the mention.

2) a "even more 'more complicated'" tic for faster rotations involve
adding 165 tics for 10.5507 degrees.

	that is, 14/165 is .895 
		 78/165 is 4.986
	    and 165/165 is 10.55

I get the impression that there are other even higher angles that have common
factors, but the 10.55 is the only other one I have written down. I think at
these faster angles problems should start showing up cuz of associative order
changes between the Primary set and the Working copy.

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Jun 14, 1985