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Yet another PPS utility

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I have just completed a PPS utility to compress unwanted (duplicate)
stamps out of a set of stamps.  The utility is called COMPRESS
(presently located in [BABCOCK.PPS]) and takes as input a .INT file
(generated by FXL's GP program).  The stamp size (in multiple of 4
pixels) is also specified.  The utility creates a new, smaller .INT
file (how small depends on the reduction in stamps) and a .MAC file
containing a translation table between the old stamps and the new
stamps.  See the file [BABCOCK.PPS]COMPRESS.DOC for further information.

I have also modified GP to accept a stamp size.  This allows GP to
do both row-oriented (playfield stamps) and column-oriented (mo stamps)
conversions for any square stamp (multiple of 4 pixels).  This version
of GP can also be found in [BABCOCK.PPS].

To see the result of these new utilities, drop by the Garfield lab
(Joe's Bar 'N Grill), or see me.

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Mar 12, 1984