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Who's on first (or BEEZ or DOC or BASHFL,...)

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With the addition of many new VAXes (VAXi?), there are also many more users
spread throughout the system.  Many people have wondered how to find out
where someone else might be in the network in order to send them mail or
call them up via the PHONE utility.  Well, there is a way, sort of...

The PHONE utility has a DIR command that will tell you who is currently
logged in, their terminal, and whether or not they are available for
phoning.  Normally, this command only tells you the users on your home
system (node).  However, by appending the nodename after the DIR command,
you can also see who is on the other systems.  What are the names of the
other VAXes, you ask?  The command SHO NET will tell you which ones are
currently reachable from your system.  For example:

	SHO NET		This will list the other VAXes you can reach
	PHONE		Enter the phone utility
	DIR HAPPY::	This will give you a list of all the users
			currently logged into HAPPY (note that the
			double colon is usually not required,
			except for the node DOC.

The only drawbacks are:
	1) You can only see the users on one system at a time
	2) You can only see those currently logged in (however, this might
	   be what you are after, if you want to phone that person)

Happy phoning,

P.S.	The phone utility contains its own HELP function for those who are not
	familiar with it.
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Apr 02, 1984