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VAX/VMS MAKE utility

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I've written a version of MAKE for VAX/VMS.  Documentation, the source, the
executable code, and a sample makefile are available in:


to wit:		MAKE.MAN	manual
		MAKE.COM	DCL front end
		MAKE.EXE	executable
		MAKEFILE.	makefile for MAKE

		MAKE.H		source
		*.C		more source

If you want to use it, copy the first four files (you can use MAKEFILE as a
template for your own needs.)  Unix and Eunice people will discover that this
version of MAKE is not exactly like the "official" one; don't expect it to
work with makefiles you already have.

To install it, put these two lines into your LOGIN.COM:


then type 'MAKE', and you are on your way.

Bugs, suggestions and letter bombs to BASHFL::DYER (assuming BASHFL's network
interface is in a good mood.)  Happy hacking!

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Apr 10, 1984