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Talons fan

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Regarding Glenn's message (see below), I think that the fan on the bottom 
blowing down and out is our best bet right now. If it passes the heat test
then I would favor it. Moncrief expressly asked that any fan mounted near the
floor should be an exhaust fan to avoid sucking in dust. Jed's opinion would
count more heavily than mine...
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From:	GAWD::MCNAMARA     28-MAY-1991 16:47:15.27
Subj:	Steel Talons fan

	Someone needs to decide how the fan should be mounted in Steel Talons 
for production. It's Jed's hardware so he should have input. ID is at a loss 
of where to put the fan for the production cabinets. They asked me and I 
suggested on top of the cabinet, but they said no because it's too close to 
the monitors. The side is out because of the possibility of other games 
blocking the airflow. I suggested having the fan at the bottom blowing air 
down and out the rear with holes, but this can be a problem because hot air 
rises. I told ID not to do it this way until there was more input from other 
people, but they did it that way for the next game. Moncrief suggested having 
the fan blowing out the back, but the audio boards would have to be stacked to
make room.
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May 28, 1991