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Since there seems to be a tradition of goodbye speeches via VAXMAIL
at ATARI, I too will bid you all a fond farewell this way. As a 
matter of fact, VAXMAIL is going to be one of the things I'll miss
a lot when I'm no longer at ATARI; this is the neatest thing since
CB radio for instant dissemination of juicy news tidbits, soliciting
help for god-knows-what project...its even good for work-related stuff.

I've really enjoyed these last two years; I've gotten to work on a  
variety of interesting projects and to go places I've never been (like
Mexico City, Pajaro Dunes and Chicago.) I feel that I learned a little bit 
about computers and a lot about organization of information from the 
programmers and other animators I've worked with. My only real regret is 
that I can't stay long enough to see the projects I've put the most time 
into: PACKRAT, JAMMIN', and DUNGEONs, finished and selling like hotcakes.

I want especially to express my appreciation to Lyle Rains, whom I've enjoyed 
working for very much, for being so gracious about my leaving, and to Yoko
Takiyama, Chuck Swensen, Rich Moore, Peter Thompson, Robert Weatherby, and
Ed Logg, who could also have made me feel guilty but didn't! I'm going to
miss daily contact with them, as well as with my ex-cell-mate Barry, Susan Ginzu
McBear, Samwise Comstock, John B. & Dave P. (the rude boys,) Nill Woble, 
the Mikes, Janey-Sue, Stephanie, Cynthia, Carol, Cindy G. (Women of ATARI,
unite!) Mark (the little brother I never wanted), Jed, and ALL OF YOU except
the cafeteria. I won't miss the cafeteria. At all.

So I won't say "goodbye"; I'll just close by saying " you've always got a 
friend in the Magic Kingdom!"

(dissolve to Sleeping Beauty's Castle; chubby figure sillouetted in doorway,
 waving; CAM pans up to night sky)

(music fades in: "When you wish upon a star....")

(roll credits)

(fade to black)  
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Feb 22, 1985