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All system I games are required to initialize a byte in the configuration
area (Addr. 1006E specifically) to a certain value.  The utility system
on the main board interrogates this byte to determine if a new game cart
has been installed and clears the EEROM accordingly.  For more information
see the documentation file on the VAX at KIM::DRA0:[SYSTEM1.DOC]SYSTEM1.DOC.

The following values for the byte at 1006E have been assigned.  All new
System I games should contact Lori Carrabello (X2845) for assignment of
a number.

              Diagnostic Cart:  255
              Pack Rat:         00
              Marble Madness:   01
              Temple of Doom:   02
              Evolution:        03
              Off-Road:         04

Chris Downend and Rich Moore

Dist:  All programmers in Alpha, Delta, Omega and Rick Moncrief.
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Mar 28, 1985