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Simple, but not cheap...

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Hi, Coin Fans!,

	For all of you who love to hate setting up
the coin routine,  Ed Logg  and I have a surprise.
SYS$SYSDEVICE:[UTILITIES]  now has  two new files,
called  NUCN69 and  NUCN65.  These new, simplified
( and more greedy )  versions of the 6809 and 6502
coin routine (respectively)  have fewer options to
worry about, and implement the new  "no such thing
as two games/coin" modes proposed by Ed for video-
disk games and adopted by Marketing for all games.

	Documentation for the new  routines can be
found in  DOC:NUCN69.DOC and  DOC:NUCN65.DOC ( you
can guess which is which ).  There is also a small
sample program in DOC:NCSKEL.MAC. Please give them
a try and complain about any bugs. These are to be
the new standards, so this constitutes the release
		Happy Programming,
		Dr. Bizzarro Albaugh

Programs and coins.

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I notice that Dr. Bizzarro has just released a 'new improved' version 
of COIN65.  I would like to add my two bits to help avoid some future 

The U.S. monetary system is rather simple and can adequately be 
covered by even a subset of the coin options available in COIN65 or 
NUCN65.  However, on the international scene, virtiually every one of 
these options is required by some country or another. So PLEASE do not 
put anything in your programs to restrict these options.

Case in point is Firefox.  This game has a two credit minimum that can 
not be defeated by option switch.  This restriction effectively halves
the number of options available.  The guy that wants 
	left mech	=	one game
	right mech	=	five games
is s.o.l.

So again I say, even if people would gladly pay a dollar to play your 
game, please don't restrict the options.

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Feb 21, 1984