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Party Time

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Well, its party time again:

"Tropical Iniberation II, this time its personal!" will be held at the home
of Owen Rubin on Spet. 24th starting at 2:30 P.M. The rules are simple:
1). Bring swim suit and towel to use the pool.
2). Bring something to burn, uh, cook, on the BBQ for dinner.
     (Hambuger and hot dog buns will be provided as well as all necessary
     add on's)
3). Bring something to throw into a blender which "could" be used to make a
    tropical drink (strawberrys, peaches, coconuts, bananas, pinapple, etc.)
4). You may pass on 2 & 3 above and bring a blender instead (it will be returned
    but it may be a bit sticky!!). I will provide hambugers and hot dogs.
    (I need about 5 blenders and this offer is good to the first 5 to 6 people
    who RSVP as such.)
5). Bring along a side dish to share (if your so inclined) as this will ease my
    work load. I will be providing the following: LOTS of ice, rum, vodka,
    sodas and waters (some beer will be available), chips, nuts, vegetables,
    and other assorted munchies as I happen to find at the Price Club.
6). Children are always welcome.
7). Maps will be available or you may call for directions. I have not made a
    map at this time as CalTrans is not yet done rearranging the streets in
    my area and they are currently subject to change at any time (They have
    changed 3 times this week!)

As a special incentitive to attend, the first 40 or so adults that arrive at the
party will receive an official Tropical Iniberation II T-shirt. They are only
available in Large and in blue. If there is enough demand for additional
shirts, they will be available for $10.00 each after the first 40 are gone.

Please RSVP by Sept 17th so I may get a final count.
Days: (xxx)xxx-xxxx. Other times and messages: (xxx)xxx-xxxx.

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Sep 01, 1988