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a collection of messages sent at Atari from 1983 to 1992.

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   In that fine Atari tradition, I wax philosophical, before I leave this 
place.  I have "tendered" my resignation.    
   I look around and I still see an incredible collection of funky creative
people. There is still some of "that old magic" that first impressed me when
I joined Atari. I hope the kinds of games that come out of your heads
continue to be far out.  I think Atari will consistently put out several
successful games a year, and I don't forsee any other place, not even Data
East, being able to do that. Keep on doing that Voodoo you do.
   I hope the games will be leaders and not followers.  For what it's worth,
I personally like the kind of game that transports the player to a world
previously unimagined, something a computer can do so well (eg, M.M.).  I 
think accelerator is one of those types, and I wish it the best.  I remember
what first attracted me to video games was that ability to create a 
concrete abstract world.  ( "concrete abstraction": I like that).  But 
then that was the days of dancing geometric vector games.
   God how I hated Pac Man.  I have this knack for liking unpopular games,
and hating popular ones. Fred Silverman has a golden gut. I have a tin one.
However, it's better to know what you like than to know what others like.
Besides, Silverman is fatter than I am. 
   I must say how much I enjoyed being part of The Last Starfighter team.
One thing I have learned at Atari is that I function much better as a team
member. I regret my situation on my current project, where I am the only
implementor. I dont seem to very good in that role. (Yes, I'm bitching now).
   I have been on the interview trail the last 4 weeks, and I have 
discovered that there are more suitable environments for me than this one.

   "Let he who is without sin get stoned first".   
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Oct 04, 1985