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New Product

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New Product		Jed Margolin 5/28/85

	This is a box with a microphone connected to it. You can plug headphones
into it or you can hook it up to your stereo.

	Mode 1: You hum into the microphone (or play a kazoo), the box determines
		the pitch and uses it to control a Yamaha chip set. The play has
		a wide choice of instrument voices.

	Mode 2: As in Mode 1, however, it is "recorded". The player can then play it
		back while recording additional tracks. The tracks can be different

	If it is cheap enough it can be marketed for kids as a toy. It can also be
marketed for people who play single note instruments (such as clarinet, flute, saxophone)
who have not be able to use synthesizer technology if they did not also play a


	1. It will be powered by a transformer lump (To make it easier to do UL)

	2. The electronics will be:	
		RAM	(Perhaps Non-volatile)
		Yamaha chip set
		Membrane switch pad, with illumiunated switch positions
		Cheap Pitch Extraction Circuitry (This is the key element)
	3. It should come with a cheap microphone and a kazoo so people can start using it 
	   right out of the box.
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May 28, 1985