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New assembler MAC65C

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MAC65C (available the next time you login or RESTART) is the new assembler
for the 65C02 CMOS processor. This processor, in case you've never heard
of it, is object code compatible with the 650x but has some extra goodies.

It was deemed better to have a different assembler for the CMOS part rather
than slow down MAC65 more to accomodate all the "special case" instructions.

MAC65C assembles everything MAC65 assembles exactly the same (I hope). MAC65C,
however, assembles the following extra stuff:

	Indirect addressing on ADC,AND,CMP,EOR,LDA,ORA,SBC and STA
		example-  LDA N,page_zero_address
		or	  LDA @page_zero_address

	Branch on bit BBR (Branch if Bit Reset) and BBS (Branch if Bit Set)
		example- BBS bit_number,page_zero_address,destination

	BIT #, BIT ZX, and BIT AX, instruction address modes

	BRA branch always

	DEC and INC accumulator (no operand implies accumulator)

	JMP NX,address or JMP @address(X) jump indirect (address=16 bits)

	PHX, PHY, PLX and PLY stack X or Y instructions

	RMB (reset memory bit) and SMB (set memory bit) instructions
		eaxmple- RMB bit_number,page_zero_address

	STZ (store zero) with 4 address modes
		example- STZ Z,page_zero_address
			 STZ A,absolute_address
			 STZ ZX,page_zero_address
			 STZ AX,absolute_address

	TRB (Test and Reset Bits) and TSB (Test and Set Bits) with
	    2 address modes
		example- TRB Z,page_zero_address
			 TSB A,absolute_address
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Jul 26, 1983