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.LNK files

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Due to popular demand you can now put comments in .LNK files. They won't
however appear on your link map (sorry about that). The /C (continue option)
is optional and no longer required (it won't bomb anymore if you put a /C
on the last line either). The comments are delimited with an exclamation mark
and everything to the right of the mark is assumed to be a comment.

Tabs are equivalent to spaces. Blank lines are permitted anywhere in the file.

	! This is an example of a .LNK file
	file1,file2,file3	!comments
				!more comments
	!still more comments
	file3,file4		!tabs are the same as spaces
		(blank lines are ok too)
		!the "!" doesn't have to be first on the line

	    file5,file6		!filenames don't have to begin in col 1

There can't be any spaces BETWEEN filenames (file1,file2,... is ok but
file1, file2, ... is not ok) but there can be spaces or tabs in front of
the first name and behind the last name. The comments will not appear on the
link map (sorry about that), but you can't have everything. The /C at the end
of the line is optional. There can be any number of filenames on a line
seperated with comma's but the names can still be no longer than 6 chars.

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Feb 20, 1985