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	The following is a public service announcement to all of
you who are as lazy as I:

	Imagine if you log onto KIM (sorry ERNIE, I have not
yet written this for you, but its comming soon!!!!) and you see the
message "You have 1 new mail", or at least something like that. After
everything clever in your file finishes, wouldn't be nice to
simply go straight into mail? And while on your way there, how about if
the computer shows you all the MAI files (old or filed mail) you have, so
just in case you might want to file this new message away and can't remember
all the names, you'll know where it could go!
	Well wait no longer.......LAZY PEOPLES ANNOMYOUS , a division of
RUBIN industries is proud to present you with a new energy savings
vax "UTILITY"(?). Now you no longer have to type ' DIR *.MAI' followed
by MAIL. Now the computer will do this for you. But wait, there's more!
When you are done reading and filing your mail, this new utility will
update the proper flags so if any new mail occures after you log out,
you will go directly to mail the next time you log in (or do a restart).

	So I'll bet you are all asking yourself "How do I get this nifty
program???" OH, your not????? Well here's how to order:

	Add to your LOGIN.COM file the following:

You should define this near the top of you file, but at the
least before the next line, which should be the last item before your
EXIT in your
The above will check for a change in revision numbers for mail (which will
happen if a) you delete mail, b) you recieve mail) and if different from
the last time your EXIT'ed mail, will enter mail directly.

	A few words of caution: If you do this and then call MAIL with
anything but MAIL (such as MAI), the proper update will not occure and
you may enter mail the next time you log in, even though no new mail exists.
Also, you should always exit mail with EX. I'm not sure what a CTRL-Y will do
here. If you goofed in mail, then get out with QUIT. Also note that these 
routines create a file called MAIL.RVN in your directory. Don't worry about 
this file, its very small and is necessary for this nifty little gadget 
to work correctly

	Questions regarding this, or any problems should be directed to
RUBIN, and not to SHEPPERD or SUTTLES (please!!!!!)
	Try it, you might like it!!!

	Owen  Rubin
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Dec 12, 1983