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For those of us that use the Data I/O, If you havent noticed, our system 19
(Thats the one that burns many different types of ROMS) had burned out 
its cooling fan. So now it gets about 4 or 5 if not 10 times hotter than
when the fan was running. Well I just installed one of our "White Box" fans
in it so it will be running cooler than no fan at all. However, this fan
is not quite as powerful as the fan that was originally in it, so PLEASE!
when your done using system 19 PLEASE! shut it off before you leave. We 
take for granted how nice that piece of equipement is. Have you ever tried
to burn an 82S129 on the system 29? You cant! If your in the DIO room and
it appears nobody is using sys19, the on-off switch is in the back on the lower
left side (But also make sure nobody's using it)
For a more reliable system 19..............this is Buddy Flyback
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May 14, 1985