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	It has come to my attention (regularly) that ALARM is nice, but
what we REALLY need is for the computer to remind us of the things to do
that day.  You'll have to make other arrangements for fetching the paper
and breakfast in bed (no crackers), but I think I may help with the other
motherly aspects.

	You can now have the computer remind you that (since today is friday)
your time card is due.  Or that you have a dentist appointment.  Or whatever.
You have a number of choices, which will become evident shortly.

	First, create a subdirectory [.NAG] off of your main directory.
Then edit your LOGIN.COM file to include the line:
... which will run each time you log in.

What NAG does, is look in your
subdirectory (and create a name SYS$NAG to get at it) for files.  It will:

	Figure out where your NAG directory is.

	Find out what is todays date, ala 830717 (1983, 7'th month, 17'th day)
as well as what day of the week it is (Sunday) and the standard three letter
abbreviation (coincidently the first three letters of the long name) (Sun in
this case).  The proper spelling for Wed is WEDNESDAY, by the way.

	Look for each of the following and do the appropriate thing (execute
the command file or type the text file):

	'weekday'.com	! as in "SUNDAY"
	'weekday'.day	! SUNDAY.DAY will be typed
	'dow'.com	! SUN.COM will be executed
	'dow'.day	! SUN.DAY will be typed
	'date'.com	!, remember?
	'date'.day	! this gets typed	! every day (7 days a week, not 5)	! this one too

	Each time it finds something to do, it will follow it with a blank
line, for separation.  You can leave notes to yourself, by creating a file
FRIDAY.DAY that contains the note about time cards; or a command file
FRIDAY.COM that does anything you want to do on friday (copy an empty status
report template over an existing one, for example).  You can leave notes
by date (in, you might put a message "DO YOUR SHOPPING!!!").

	Note that NOTHING is guaranteed (no such thing as a free breakfast in
bed); you have to log in to make it happen.  And it is not neccesarily unique;
if you log in more than once in the same day, you will go through it twice.
But, it might make things a little easier.

	As usual, if you should discover any errors, I will disavow any
knowlege of this message.

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Sep 23, 1983