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Attention users of Applied Microsystems Devsys

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    If you have been having problems with the DTB, DTF, or DT function
on the Applied Microsystems Development system, I may have a cure for
you.  Apparently, the Devsys has quite a few bugs still, one of which
is that the DTx function will lock up the system if there are too many
symbols.  A temporary cure for this is to selectively delete symbols
from the file that you download.  I have changed Jim Morris' gensym
program to allow an optional third file.  To use the new gensym program:

    In you
	csym :== $sys$userdisk:[packrat.68000]gensym

    In your
	$ csym file.ab file.sym [file.exc or]

    What this .EXC or .INC file will do, is look for symbols that match
the strings in the file.  If there is a match, then the symbol is
either left in the .SYM file if the extension is .INC, or left out of
the .SYM file if the extension is .EXC.  Some examples:


    will match any string starting with ab, a string called M_FOO, and
any string starting with M_G.  Any letters after the * will be ignored.

    So, a recap, if you want to exclude a set of symbols, use a file called
file.EXC, and fill the file with strings to match the symbols you don't
want.  If you want to keep a specific set of symbols, then use a file
called FILE.INC, and fill the file with strings to match the symbols you
want to keep.

    Any complaints, comments, praise, MONEY, will be gladly accepted.
    Abuse gladly returned to owner.

	Peter Thompson.
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Jul 12, 1984