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AMS RAM errors

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	For those of you out there using the Applied Micro Systems
68010 Dev Sys, the following applys to YOU.  If you have internal
memory problems, that is internal to the AMS, then there is a simple
way to determine which chip is bad, if you decide it is a chip.
There is a file in CHARM::[DND]AMSMEM.DOC which contains a picture of
the RAM board and a list of which parts are at which addresses.  This
list is for a 256K Dev Sys.  MOst of you out there have 128K systems
with two RAM boards, each with 64K, The board lay out is the same,
the address spacing is probably, although I have not checked it out,
$1000 instead of $4000.

		Bye Now

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Jul 03, 1985