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Well, I've got 8 responses so far (that's 10 octal) so how about a
meeting tomorrow at 12:15 in the multipurpose room.  To clear up one
possible point of confusion:  A game designer is someone who contributes
to the design of a game.  That includes sound, graphics, hardware, in other
words, most everyone who works in 1501.

   This will be mainly an organizational meeting.  We will be looking
for volunteers to help with various tasks.  We will try to write down
goals and the purpose of AAG.

   There is a similar organization called the Association of Video Game
Designers.  I know little about this group, other than the article
posted on Karl Anderson's door.  It seems though that the scope and
purpose of AAG would be different.  AVGP focuses on video game designers
and their fight for adequate compensation and recognition.  AAG will
focus on games in general, and will try to stay clear of politics and

   See you tomorrow

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May 01, 1984